On Names and Tags

First, a bit of housekeeping: After over a year of writing about Lifetime movies and pizza, I have decided to retire the half-assed moniker of Attempted Blog. I’ve given it some thought and come up with a fresh new (permanent) title: The Lower Crust. I know this is kind of like naming a baby after it’s out of diapers, but hey, better late than never.

Onto the tag. Clip Snark tagged me in his (or her? Sorry CS – I’m not sure) post as part of a tagging game. I get to answer a few questions and then share a bunch of blogs that I enjoy reading.

The rules are:

  • you must post the rules
  • answer eleven questions
  • create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged (you can use the same questions, they’re good ones)
  • tag eleven people with a link to your post (yup)
  • let them know you tagged them

Do you have a test or tests that help you judge someone’s character?
Using two question marks (??) in an email. It’s never a good thing.

When did you first feel like a grown up?
Still waiting for that one.

What is something you read that made you wish you could write that well?
Oh, anything by Annie Dillard. How I wish I had that kind of boundless creativity.

What do you say when you answer the phone?
I have phone fear so on the rare occasions that I actually pick up it’s a simple “Hello.”

Have you ever stiffed someone on a tip?
Well…there was a dine-and-dash incident many, many years ago. I still have shame about it. Don’t hate me restaurant industry people!

Do you have a favorite writing utensil?
I’m a typer. I couldn’t live without cut and paste.

Do you use a calendar?
1) Yes, and 2) electronic. But I look forward to answering no to both of those questions one day.

Do you have road rage?
I’m mostly a pedestrian and a passenger. But yes.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Night owl cast against type.

What surprised you about blogging when you first started?
That people actually read stuff that you write.

How do you feel about this type of blogging phenomenon (tagging/awards)?
I dig it.

Other things I read (tag you’re it):

Cereal With a Fork
The Confederacy of Spinsters
Consider the Sauce
The Food Junk
Damp Squid
In Lost Lands
Mother May I Sleep With Lifetime
Pithy Pants
The Surfing Pizza
The Upstate Eater


  1. I enjoy this new name. And I guess inquiring minds want to know…I am female. It’s kind of funny to me because about a year ago a friend shared with me a program that you can paste your writing into and it will tell you if you write like a man or a woman (whatever that means). I was just a few percentage points off from writing like a man. 🙂

    Thanks for playing along with the tag!

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