Monthly Archives: July 2011

We saw the final Harry Potter movie and it was…well, it could have been better. I’m not one of those judgmental Susies who deride Harry Potter as a gateway to adult readings of Thomas The Tank Engine. Rather,  I liked the books — and enjoyed catching the movies– very much. But the earth just didn’t move for me with this one.

The air conditioning was pretty wicked, though.

To turn lemons into lemonade, I’ve made a few graphics illustrating possible alternatives to the decidedly utilitarian title of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.”

Spoiler alert for the spoiler averse.

Credit where due: this is Mr. Max’s gag. But I done the photoshoppin’.

Yoda says kill him off or don’t. There is no try.

Was I the only one scarred by this?

It could have been worse; at least it wasn’t slash fanfiction.