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I’m taking the risk of polluting my childhood memories forever by re-watching the entire run of The X-Files twenty years after it originally aired. (Yes, it’s really been TWENTY YEARS.)

Background: I loved The X-Files as a kid. LOVED it. I built my schedule around new episodes. I read Internet message boards. I owned the overpriced VHS tapes that only had two episodes on them. I got into an epic fight with my mother when she made me miss the beginning of Jose Chung’s From Outer Space. I dyed my hair red.

I was that girl.

Of course, that was a long time ago and now I’m (mostly) a grown-up. Re-watching season 1, I learned some things:

Sad Adult Realization #1: Mulder is Not as Cool as You Remember

He’s just not.

Being Cool: The Mulder Way
Step 1: Borrow Jerry Seinfeld’s jeans

Step 2: Mumble with as little inflection as possible
Step 3: Run away (seriously, he runs away from something in like every episode)

Sad Adult Realization #2: The Title Sequence is Unfortunate

Primarily because it’s made up entirely of grainy public domain graphics with overlaid text.


Sad Adult Realization #3: Some Episodes are Really Bad

As a young fangirl, I would’ve defended every episode to the death because OMG TEH CANON. Now that I’m older I can admit that a few of them are pretty wretched. Highlights include:

Basically the worst thing ever. I guess they thought giving Mulder a phobia would add depth to his character or something? (Hint to writers: Mulder does not need any more neuroses. He believes in aliens – that’s enough.)

Best-worst moment is a three-way tie between Mulder explaining that his phobia developed after guarding a burned house against looters as a child (?), our hero crawling AWAY from innocent children trapped in a burning building, and the climactic house fire scene where the fire only burns on the paintings for some reason.


Come at me with pitchforks and torches if you must, Internet, but this is NOT the worst episode of the X-Files (that honor belongs to Fire). Still pretty bad, though.

The Native American werewolf episode. Definitely worse than Space and reminds me a lot of that first-season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that was kind of racist.

“I’ve got a great idea – it’s about an office ghost…”

Of course, if’s a lot more fun to watch some of these episodes with a drink in your hand. Ladies and gentlemen, I present:

The Season 1 Drinking Game

Go ahead and have a swig every time:

1) Mulder runs away
2) There’s a scene in a divey local bar
3) The camera focuses on an inanimate object in the foreground while someone is eaten or attacked in the background
4) Anyone in the room with you laughs at a special effect that’s supposed to be scary
5) David Duchovny lists a bunch of conspiracy theories in a row as “dialogue”
6) Scully’s suit pants have visible pleats

I only kid because I love. Despite the duds, the first season DOES have a few gems — including one of my all-time favorites, Beyond The Sea. I was pleased to find out that one still holds up after all these years.

Stay tuned for reflections (and snark) on Season 2!

Remember Fire in the Sky? You know, the based-on-a-true-story-maybe alien abduction movie from the 90s? The really freaking scary one?

When I was ten years old, I saw it exactly once and it was so crap-your-pants terrifying that for YEARS I skipped past HBO while channel-surfing just to avoid catching a glimpse of it. (HBO owned like 5 movies in the early 90s, so they repeated the same things endlessly. I’m fairly sure I saw Gremlins 2 about 65 times.)

Now, after 20 years, Fire in the Sky is on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Mr. Max is curious and thinks we should watch it. I’m still unsure (and somewhat traumatized), so I’m turning to you, Internet, to vote on what we should do.

Arguments For (via Mr. Max):

  • If something is really scary, it’s probably very effective filmmaking and worth seeing for artistic reasons
  • We’ve seen much scarier things on the news/documentaries
  • Aren’t you curious?

Arguments Against (mine):

  • Seriously, just look at this image from the actual movie