The Staircase Murders: A Real “Treat”

I first became aware of Treat Williams when he was on Everwood, a semi-weird family drama that came on after Seventh Heaven on the WB like 8 years ago. I liked the show — it had daddy drama, a boyfriend in a coma, and every episode was chock full of controversy — for example, a typical episode summary reads like this:

On the morning of his Juilliard audition in New York, Ephram makes plans to meet up with Madison for coffee, only to have his entire world come crashing down around him when she tells him that she was pregnant with their child.

Everwood didn’t make the cut of shows transferred to the CW, and the WB is now long gone, leaving behind only the eternal flame of their website (

But Treat lives on…in Lifetime Original Movies. After Everwood, Treat starred in The Staircase Murders, based on the true story of a novelist whose weapon of choice was…

the Lifetime murderin’ staircase.

I haven’t actually seen the film, but Mr. Max sent me an urgent text with a link to this unbelievable interview/promo. Watch Treat provide an Inside The Actors Studio-style interview (Choice Pretentious Quote: “Our story is really examining how that film-within-a-film…”) in between INSANELY CAMPY movie clips.

It won’t let me embed the video, but trust me, this link is definitely worth following.

I’d watch the movie, but I don’t think it could top that.

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