The Anthology of Pizza Box Graphic Design: It’s the Greatest

Like most pizza boxes that come into my possession, this one spent a few weeks traveling  around in the back seat of my car before getting photographed and recycled. As a result, I can’t quite remember where exactly it came from, but it’s pretty safe to say it probably originated from an unfussy roadside place in either New York or Massachusetts.

Generic Product Claims: This box contains not one but two generic product claims: “Fresh and oven hot” and “It’s the greatest.” I especially like that “It’s the greatest” is positioned right above the text that says “Pizza,” making it seem like the general merits of pizza as a food are being extolled. “Pizza — it’s got flour and tomatoes and cheese and most people like it.”

Visual Assessment: The Italian stereotype and generic product claims make this box fall squarely in the “classic” style. Oddly, the printing has a bit of pixelation-y cragginess to it, marking it as a relic of the early digital era.

Rating: Hmm, I don’t know — this one’s on the edge for me. It isn’t my favorite, but it’s definitely got the generic product claim down and the spare design is kind of striking. I’m going to give it a win.


  1. But what about the Mario-esque chef with his hand poised at his mouth to make a stereotypically Italian “MWAH!”? You gotta love that!

  2. I stand corrected — that is a choice Mario-esque chef right there. I think I’ve simply looked at so many now that they’re becoming normalized to me. Gasp — I’m wearing the invisible knapsack of the pizza consumer!

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