The Anthology of Pizza Box Graphic Design: The Italian

This installment of TAOPBGD comes from the week of the historic Northeast snowstorm, which kept us housebound and eating primarily cupboard food. One evening, while looking out into the wintry abyss, we said to ourselves, “hey — how about pizza?”

So did everyone else. Mr. Max had to double park as I ran into the neighborhood pizza joint, which had the ambiance of a bar on election night crossed with a depression-era bread line. It was hopping…and desperate.

The pizza itself ended up being only OK — a little on the Massachusetts-y side — but overall a welcome change from canned soup. But the BOX…

…a GEM.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a map of Italy on a pizza box before, but they graced many a placemat in the pizza joints of my youth. Who among us doesn’t have found memories of learning that Italy is shaped like a boot (adult perspective: kind of a stretch) in a dimly lit 1980s pizza place?

So, already major points for classicism.

Second favorite thing: A CHOICE cartoon Italian stereotype throwing around the old a-pizza pie. LOVE the mustache.

Lastly, a bizarre take on the generic product claim: “Fresh Dough Daily.” Not ingredients in general. Not simply “Fresh Pizza.” Specifically the dough. And why daily? Did I miss a day-old dough scandal that rocked the nation? Does dough get really funky overnight in a fridge? What’s the deal?

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