Downton Abbey: The Drinking Game

Hopefully you’re as excited as me about tomorrow’s Downton Abbey episode on PBS. And what could be more fun than a Downton Abbey drinking game? So grab your favorite drink and get ready to play!

Take a swig every time:

Someone eavesdrops.

Someone receives a letter and looks shocked while they read it, then folds it and puts it away.

A scene ends on one of Maggie Smith’s reaction shots. Two drinks if the reaction is “disgusted.”

Daisy screws something up.

Mary says “cousin Matthew” in a scene with sexual tension, and you feel uncomfortable but tell yourself it’s OK because they’re hopefully at least fifth or sixth cousins…right?

The cook screams, “Daisy! Are ye trying to KILL me?!”

Bates sacrifices his own happiness  to protect someone else. Actually don’t because you’ll be drunk five minutes in.

A dinner party ends horribly.

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