Marketing Mayhem: Game On

The 80’s certainly are starting to show their age, aren’t they? I didn’t actually play this one as a kid, though on first sight I thought I had. A lot of games looked like this. but I was probably thinking of 1) Dreamphone, which my best friend had. The gameplay consisted entirely of calling boys on a plastic play phone  or 2) Girl Talk, which I think a well-meaning but clueless relative once bought me. It was basically like Truth or Dare, but with the addition of little stickers that were supposed to look like zits (?).

Hey, remember Mall Madness? Man, that and the talking Barbie that said, “Math is hard,” have a definite spot in the collection of Things You Can’t Believe Were Real From Childhood.

Anyway, I’m mostly writing this post because I need to get this Technorati claim code (5TP3VYBWNA54) published somewhere. But now that we’re here, what was your favorite 80’s game?


  1. I DO remember Girl Talk– especially the Zits. A friend had it and, as a canny young homeschooler, I realized I probably shouldn’t invite her over to play “Krill” (an educational card game involving marine foodchains).

  2. CS – Ah yes, Mouse Trap. I loved that game (because I liked miniature plastic things) but I just couldn’t get past the unavoidable frustration of setting it up.

    L – Aw, I would’ve played Krill with you.

    • Oh, yes! I got that one at a yard sale in late elementary school – it really was awesome and, as I recall, it even mostly worked (unlike mousetrap).
      We had spirited monopoly games that crossed gender, but my brothers would’ve never gone for MM. Bravo!

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