The Anthology of Pizza Box Graphic Design: Pizza Town

Won’t you take me to…Pizza Town? Why, there’s plenty to do! We could roll out some dough, or trellis some tomato plants, or even take a stroll down to the pizzeria. The only thing we can’t do is…leave. </Twilight Zone>

Visual Assessment: Well, it’s another weird exterior scene. And why are there no people on the street? Is everyone inside, huddling in fear of the mutant giant pizza pie? And what about those M birds flying in the sky? You know, M birds — the tried and true artistic technique of showing distance by…drawing an M and saying it’s a bird.

The overall impression is that someone blew up Word clip art (see also: Clip Snark) and affixed it to the box.

Final Observation: Have you ever seen an artist’s signature on pizza box design? Now you have.

  1. This is the pizza box my local place uses, and for some reason I got really excited when I saw it here. And yes, I’m reading your blog like a stalker this evening.

  2. tiesha said:

    My aunt Tamikee Jennings made the design for these pizza boxes!! Im proud of the work shes done!!

    • Hi Tiesha,

      I’d love to interview your aunt Tamikee about her design work. Please feel free to pass along my contact info to her or reply to this comment and we’ll get in touch.

      Yours in pizza,

  3. I actually love the pizza box and it is featured in several movies and tv shows. Tamikee Jennings is a sweet and very talented person and you only wish you could draw something like this. I have seen her draw in person and I know for a fact this is not clip art. As Tamar Braxton would say “get ya life.”

    • Whoah, no offense intended. I actually love pizza box designs — if I didn’t, I wouldn’t bother photographing them. This is kind of a parody design blog — not to be taken seriously.

  4. Will said:

    We are just wondering if the blonde woman on a date in the pizzeria is in fact unzipping her friends fly? And is it a zip or button fly? Please tell us!

  5. Whoah, I did not see that until just now. It definitely looks like there’s something funny going on back there. I’m liking this box more and more…so many mysteries!

  6. Dynaflo2 said:

    My friends and I are looking at this pizza box right now and debating whether the pizza is just part of the building, is meant to look like the sun, or its much much more complex…

    Is it meant to show that the oblivious pizza eating people in the pizzeria should count their blessings to be eating such delicious ‘Za. You never know when a giant carnivorous cannibalistic pizza will loom on the horizon, coming to eat the pizzeria – along with you in it…

    and the delicious ‘Za you were enjoying.

  7. Pizza eater said:

    In the floor tiles one tile is missing the shadow. Lowe right 3 rows up.

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