5 Things You See on Public Transportation


    • I like the fact that the (5) people who read this blog will probably scour the Internet trying to find out if that’s a meme or something 🙂

      Hey – BTW I’ll be working on my review of “Behind the Candelabra” later tonight. I know you don’t want to miss that.

  1. I am #2. And all of that is accurate. If I did my own (which I am way too lazy to do) I would add a homeless guy with a dog sleeping under his seat, someone who seems to purposely have the volume of their MP3 player at “deafening” so we can all hear the noise from their headphones, and an old Latina lady who yells at my about my lowrider pants.

    • Word. The MP3 people definitely exist – I’ve been able to ID Rage Against The Machine songs from 50 yards.

      I wish there were dogs on my bus! I just get sleeping alcoholics.

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