1. I’m much better with animals than plants. Cats and dogs in particular, since they are pretty serious about reminding you of their needs.

    I actually just took a cutting of a neighbor’s succulent (with their permission) and planted it in a broken wine glass (it’s very artistic, trust me…) and I got a bunch of those trendy glass globes to put some more in a hanging arrangement by a window. Not having a patio has somehow made me want plants more, but also has forced me to think a lot about creative ways to put them in here.

    I hope one of mine comes into control of its epic succulent powers and blooms sometime.

    • Nice! I love the whole succulents-in-glass thing. This is the first one I’ve had that’s ever flowered (not due to anything I did of course, just some random fluke of nature). I’m not much a gardener yet, but I’m trying!

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