Internet Solve My Problems: Should We Watch Fire in the Sky?

Remember Fire in the Sky? You know, the based-on-a-true-story-maybe alien abduction movie from the 90s? The really freaking scary one?

When I was ten years old, I saw it exactly once and it was so crap-your-pants terrifying that for YEARS I skipped past HBO while channel-surfing just to avoid catching a glimpse of it. (HBO owned like 5 movies in the early 90s, so they repeated the same things endlessly. I’m fairly sure I saw Gremlins 2 about 65 times.)

Now, after 20 years, Fire in the Sky is on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Mr. Max is curious and thinks we should watch it. I’m still unsure (and somewhat traumatized), so I’m turning to you, Internet, to vote on what we should do.

Arguments For (via Mr. Max):

  • If something is really scary, it’s probably very effective filmmaking and worth seeing for artistic reasons
  • We’ve seen much scarier things on the news/documentaries
  • Aren’t you curious?

Arguments Against (mine):

  • Seriously, just look at this image from the actual movie


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