Grief and the Humor Blog

I started writing this humor blog way back in 2011 as a way to amuse myself and a handful of friends. Since it’s public, I’ve typically kept my posts to the impersonal topic(s) at hand: bad television, crappy marketing, and pizza box design analysis.

It’s odd to share something private in a place strangers visit after searching for “Nightmare Nanny synopsis” or “Nancy Travis feet,” but I feel like I have to break with tradition just this once. Anything else feels dishonest.

The long story short is that we recently lost our very beloved cat, Daphne. She got ill suddenly and, despite our best efforts, finally passed away a few weeks ago.

I keep trying to come up with some anecdote to explain how much this gorgeous little being meant to us, but everything seems to fall short. Instead, I will say that no matter how many years pass, I know I will always miss her. And that hurts pretty bad.

I am aware that there’s a certain percentage of people out there – whether they say it or not — who scoff at the idea that someone can develop a deep, emotional relationship with an animal. They are wrong, but there’s no point in trying to argue the point. If you get it, you get it. If not, perhaps one day you will.

I’ve had some time to make peace with what’s happened, to know that we loved her and she loved us, and that we did everything we could. We have our good moments and bad moments.

I have a bad moment about once a day.

I’m prone to emotional online shopping, so the bulk of my grief haul is just now arriving in the mail. It’s odd to be able to measure the depth of your own sadness in cardboard shipping boxes.

Not really much of an exaggeration.

Anyway, that’s where we’re at these days. I’ll be back to hate-reviewing Lifetime movies eventually. For now, give your beloved cats an extra pet from me.

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