1. SO MANY EMOTIONS. Dude, if ever find myself totes parapleeged, I want you to set up some kind of machine where I get a live-stream of you ranting at… anything you like. I also want Hugh Laurie as House MD to come and be mean to me, but then transform into Bertie Wooster (he has to bring Jeeves, it’s part of the deal).


    When I was watching AYAOTD my snark lobe was on its way to being fully-developed, and I was old enough for my mom and I to call it “Are You Afraid of MY DICK” because it was just so lame. The pinball machine one definitely stands out, and I also remember a dollhouse one… and one where a nasty old chicken foot grants wishes and their parents die. As I confessed to you via Twitter, I *may* have had feelings for the main guy who adjourns all the meetings of The Midnight Society. These feelings *may* have steered me towards several unsuccessful and ultimately damaging relationships later on in life, but who’s counting. I blame SNICK.

    I will say that the opening credits for AYAOTD manage to be better than those of the X-Files. So there’s that.

  2. I did sneak watching a couple of episodes but I was so easily scared as a kid, my parents didn’t let me watch AYAOTD because they didn’t want to deal with me freaking out. I’m sure I would have been scarred for life. 🙂

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