Super Marketing

Marketing Director: Well, the product is performing well; all our focus groups loved it. But there is a problem.

VP: …What’s the problem?

Marketing Director: Well, I’ll be frank; the name is “Bimbo.” It’s problematic.

VP: So? It’s pronounced “beembo!”

Marketing Director: Hmm…I suppose we could mount a rebranding campaign…

VP: Yes! Can we change the spelling? That might solve it.

Marketing Director: Too simple! We need something that’s clumsy yet ironically self-aware…

This imaginary board meeting brought to you by Attempted Blogger, who needs to spend less time in supermarkets right before snowstorms.


  1. I definitely also looked him up recently! I didn’t make it to the blog, but I spent some time browsing those inspirational notebook doodles…

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