Marketing has lied to me again.

We went to the supermarket looking for a classic don’t-give-a-shit dinner — you know, the kind you throw on the stove or microwave or whatever with all the sauce and chemicals and crap included.

We prefer, of course, to eat stuff that is prepared with some amount of care, but occasionally it’s necessary to say Fuck It and eat something that comes out of a bag.

This was picked up in the frozen section, AKA the lazy section.

See the sauce in the picture? The picture tells a story — namely, that in just a few moments you will be eating ravioli and sauce without having to do too much.

The messaging, as the marketing folks would say, is warm and friendly. It says, “It’s okay to be lazy sometimes. We’re all busy people. It’s cool. It’s organic, even.”


It was frozen ravioli, a cousin of refrigerated ravioli — the kind you see in every supermarket, that almost always comes in packaging that looks like this:

The reason it always comes in that packaging is that the handy window lets you see that you’re buying ravioli sans embellishment. An ingredient for a meal, and not a meal in and of itself. An ingredient that requires boiling water and the selection of an appropriate sauce, etc.

Tasty, but not a don’t-give-a-shit dinner.

So now the bag of frozen ravioli sits in my freezer, judging me.

It says, “you’re too lazy.”


  1. I hate to say it, but I’ve never seen pre-sauced frozen ravioli– ever. I hate to say this even more, but I’m kind of glad about that. I had a brief and retrospectively shameful affair with Kid Cuisine frozen dinners back in the day, but even those kind of terrified me (except for that little applesaucey portion, that was great). I think the pre-sauced frozen ravioli might give me Kid Cuisine PTSD.

    • I’m telling you, Trader Joe’s makes one and it’s really not that bad (seriously, I swear!) But, point taken.
      I’ll stick with the good old frozen pizza next time around.

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