There’s this girl

The following scene transpired just moments ago in a local burrito joint.

Attempted Blogger is waiting in line to order burritos. Two 20s-ish dudes are standing behind her, wearing sweatshirts and jeans.

Dude #1: Did you see the game yesterday? Ridiculous.

Dude #2: I know, it was FUCKED…

Hey, what are you getting?

Dude #1: Uh, Buffalo Chicken Burrito, probably.

(a short conversation ensues about the Super Bowl, I tune in only intermittently to the string of football jargon interspersed with”fucked-up” and “insane.”)

Attempted Blogger finally reaches the front of the line and begins to order.

Dude #1: Oh, I dunno, I’ve been doing a lot of reading.

Dude #2: …Like for work, or what?

Dude #1: No, just like to read it, or whatever.

I’m reading this book called, “Gone with the Wind.”

Dude #2: Yeah, what’s it about?

Dude #1: Oh, like the South after the Civil War. There’s this girl, Scarlett O’hara…

I wish I could’ve hung around to hear Dude #1’s synopsis of the plot, but my burritos were up and I had to run.



  1. …and then they all went home [terrible drawing of school bus with the case of “Gone With the Wind” inside].

  2. Oops, “cast of.” But there should be something that you can by a case-worth of called “Gone with the Wind.”

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