The Anthology of Pizza Box Graphic Design: “The Custom”

The sword in the stone. The white whale. The custom pizza box design.

Eschewing nondescript terms like Hot! or Fresh!, this snazzy blue-and-white box proudly identifies itself as emanating from – and only from – Four Brothers Pizza Inn. In addition to the “Greek flag” blue ink and Corinthian column, the box tells us to expect pizza with a  “GRECIAN” touch.

Unnecessary quotation marks aside, Four Brothers Pizza Inn is, indeed, pretty boss. We found the place while driving back from an antiques auction in the middle of a hurricane, an experience that proves that we a) have inherited the hobbies of 65-year-old eccentrics b) suffer from poor planning. In the midst of navigating half-flooded country roads, we managed to sneak in bites of the surprisingly tasty takeout  — consisting of margarita slices and an (even tastier) Greek salad. The box even doubled as a makeshift plate — gracefully catching a glob of Greek salad dressing that, courtesy of a rain-filled pothole, was destined for my lap.

Rating: I’m giving both the box, and the pizza contained therein, a win. The box was functional and interesting (a grecian urn and the use of unnecessary quotation marks? jackpot.) and the pizza was delish and would have provided life-saving sustenance had we gotten trapped in a natural disaster (it ended up stopping at heavy rain, but still).

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