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I knew I was in luck as soon as I walked in the door — all around were signs that I was in the right place: delivery drivers running around with stacks of boxes, tasty-looking slices at the counter, and the constant din of cooks shouting at each other in Greek.

My intuition was right on the money — the three slices Mr. Max and I shared solidly make the list of “top ten pizzas I have known.” There wasn’t anything fancy about them — no arugula, or feta, or pesto — but these simple cheese slices had everything: a tangy but not overpowering tomato sauce, high-quality ingredients, and texture that transcends the state of just “bread and cheese.”

And all wrapped up in a classic box design — perfection. Let’s break it down:

Generic Product Claim: “Oven Fresh.” It’s a classic generic claim that, if you really think about it, doesn’t make any sense. Doesn’t ALL pizza come out of an oven? I mean, I’ve been in some pretty nasty pizza places, but the only time I’ve ever seen the union of pizza and a microwave was on an Amtrak. And you can’t really call that food, much less pizza.

Italian Stereotype: This Italian stereotype comes to us, seemingly, by way of the Pillsbury Doughboy. It’s still a classic racist stereotype, but it’s WAY more cartoony/wacky than the usual Mario/Luigi caricatures. I’m a little confused by the shoe situation, though. It seems a little disembodied looking…but maybe that’s just a screenprinting goof?

Rating: Whole thing gets a win. A classic design for a classic pizza joint. Fun fact: Mr. Max and I picked this up making a marathon one-day trip into the City. The memory of the goodness of the pizza sustained us for the grueling trip back in the middle of the night.  It was that good.

The sword in the stone. The white whale. The custom pizza box design.

Eschewing nondescript terms like Hot! or Fresh!, this snazzy blue-and-white box proudly identifies itself as emanating from – and only from – Four Brothers Pizza Inn. In addition to the “Greek flag” blue ink and Corinthian column, the box tells us to expect pizza with a  “GRECIAN” touch.

Unnecessary quotation marks aside, Four Brothers Pizza Inn is, indeed, pretty boss. We found the place while driving back from an antiques auction in the middle of a hurricane, an experience that proves that we a) have inherited the hobbies of 65-year-old eccentrics b) suffer from poor planning. In the midst of navigating half-flooded country roads, we managed to sneak in bites of the surprisingly tasty takeout  — consisting of margarita slices and an (even tastier) Greek salad. The box even doubled as a makeshift plate — gracefully catching a glob of Greek salad dressing that, courtesy of a rain-filled pothole, was destined for my lap.

Rating: I’m giving both the box, and the pizza contained therein, a win. The box was functional and interesting (a grecian urn and the use of unnecessary quotation marks? jackpot.) and the pizza was delish and would have provided life-saving sustenance had we gotten trapped in a natural disaster (it ended up stopping at heavy rain, but still).