The Anthology of Pizza Box Graphic Design: City Scenes

This charming little city scene pizza box comes from the equally-as-charmingly-named Picnic Pizza right off the NYS Thruway.

I have to take a minute here to sing the praises of the slice that accompanied this box. It wasn’t one of those throw-a-bunch-of-arugula-on-it fake gourmet slices. It was straight up old world Italian, topped with sundried tomatoes and garlic, yo.

I’m watching Breaking Bad now, so you’ll have to grant me the occasional “yo.”

Onto the box:

Visual Assessment: They’ve got the traditional pizza box design colors (black and red) covered, but they’re taking a risk with depicting an exterior scene. Think about it: have you ever seen a building or a car on a pizza box before? It’s usually jolly chefs behind counters, not traffic jams and skylines.

But you can’t deny the INSANE cuteness of this street: the little shrubberies…the arched windows…the old-style exterior lanterns. And the best bit of all: the “Lady and the Tramp”-esque outdoor table with double wine glasses. Come on, you know it makes you smile.

Generic Product Claim: Not exactly a claim, but it’s definitely generic: “Thank You For Your Business.” Actually, isn’t that usually just on receipts?

Italian Stereotype: He may be small, but he’s there, trotting along with a bulbous chef’s hat, an over-sized mustache and what looks like (?) cowboy boots.

Rating: Win. It may be unusual, but it’s still a classic box. Tiny Italian stereotype and all.

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