Feels Good To Get Away (To The Poconos)


In Only Seven Days, otherwise known in our household as the Queen Poconos Song.

We call it that in honor of the commercials for Pocono Mountains tourism that aired endlessly in New York State in the 80s and 90s. There’s something in the melody of In Only Seven Days that reminds me of a jingle from one of those ads. Also, the lyrics are, like, perfect.

There were a lot of these ads, and plenty of them have been ripped off of VHS and uploaded to YouTube. Most of them are for Mount Airy Lodge, a resort hotel.

This is the one I remember best:


Points for a clear message. Even as a tot, I understood: The Poconos will get you laid.

Here’s another one that’s a little bit older:


Only in the 1980s could you make a television ad using nothing but still images and a zoom effect,

According to their Wikipedia entry, the 1980s were the  beginning of the end for Mount Airy Lodge. Once known as “America’s premier honeymoon hideaway, with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, velvet-swagged canopy beds, and heart-shaped bathtubs,” they experienced a severe downturn when boozy middle-aged couples started going on cruises instead of getting wrinkly in anatomy-shaped jacuzzis. These ads were probably a last-ditch effort to sell the whole resort getaway thing to the yuppie generation.

It didn’t work and, after the property was sold in the 2000s, they demolished what was there and built the new Mount Airy Casino. I checked out their website and it was pretty generic, minus the giant Chippendale’s banner on the front page. Pretty sad.

I guess we’ll always have the commercials.

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