Review of People #1

I see lots of people talking about lots of things, doing lots of things, and some people warrant a Yelpish review of their behavior in public places. I will end by awarding stars.

I saw a man order a glass of wine for his date. She, his date, seemed to revel in her inability to choose a wine or even chat up the helpful bartender for some tips. She announced, blushingly, that since her date was a wine expert, she would be leaving the choice up to him. The conversation that ensued was intolerable, so I didn’t listen closely. The tone of his voice said it all. She enjoyed her taste, accepted the glass with polite enthusiasm, and remained silent for the rest of their time at the bar.

XXOOO  2 stars

Why two? At least the guy had okay taste, even if he was a domineering pseudosnob. And she enjoyed her wine, quietly.



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